Following are the answers to the question I am being asked by you people. It is my perspective, understanding and experiences through which these answers are framed. You are entitled to your opinion and a perspective that could be different from mine. And, its ok.

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Pearl: Success is a concept each individual defines differently per his/her values and principles in life.

For me success is doing what you love to do and giving your best in whatever, you do. I am successful not because a few people think (or say) so, I am successful as I believe I am successful. I have all I always wanted to have and I am enjoying every moment of my life. I enjoy every activity I do. I give my best in whatever I do. I am successful and I am a happy person.

I am happy coz I am content. I am content coz I am happy.

People often confuse popularity with success. Success is not having certain numbers of followers or fans. It is not defined by how many people know you. That is popularity. Success and popularity are two different things and can exist without the other.

A person can be very popular but does not consider oneself successful. While someone can be very much successful in what he/she does but may not be popular.

One’s popularity is decided by others, but one’s success can only be decided by the self. You are successful if you think so, and vice versa. People may have different opinion about you but its only you who can decide whether you are successful or not. Analogy: For a new jogger, person who can do a hundred squats may be successful. But that person may have different aspiration. He might think doing two hundred squats or say successfully doing scuba dive is success. Or maybe he was successful at fifty squats only and now he is simply exploring and growing. Each individual has to define it for the self.

I always believed Success is learning something new each day. Success is loving and being loved back. Success is always giving your best in everything you do. I am successful and content that I am living my purpose. This website is my endeavour, my way of making a little contribution back to society.

Wishing you success!

Pearl: Happiness is a wealth that you create for yourself. Yes, you are creator of your happiness and so you are responsible for your happiness yourself.

NO matter what people try to tell, for me at least, Happiness is an inner contentment. It’s a feeling, a state of mind only you can know and it’s not same for all of us.

For sure, it is not a job title, an award, a person or a materialistic possession – These are important, materialistic achievements are good but happiness is much deeper. It is just about accepting yourself as you are. Accepting yourself with all your positivity and otherwise, comes down to loving yourself. You can only like yourself when you stop comparing yourself to others and start loving yourself for who you are…and that’s when u feel happiness.

Want to understand and create Happiness for yourself – Ask Pearl.

Pearl: I cannot and do not change people. People choose to change themselves when they feel the need to change. People change when they want to change and when they are ready to work on themselves to evolve and improve.

I cannot and will not ever push this knowledge and force people to change. This is not how it works. (You get what you want. You don’t get what you don’t want. This is how LOA works.)

There is a lot more to talk on this. Want to know? Ask Pearl.

Pearl: Are you working for her? – work for yourself my love. She is not insulting she is just being what she is, which might be distant from your level of awakening (higher or lower). Your message does not resonate with her and that is perfectly possible and fine.

You still keep operating from your (level of) loving and giving self. Why? Because you are you despite her. or do your happiness depends on her??

Have more Question around this topic? Ask Pearl.

Keep Glowing! Keep Growing! Keep Going!

Pearl: Purpose of my life is to live. 😉 Live happily and reach to my full potential, so as to inspire others to reach their full potential.

Even if one person gets inspired to live happy life, I will be happier being me.

Pearl: By not handling them. 😊 I mean I understand negativity exists, but they don’t matter.

Pearl: Yes, there are so many people working on this field, also there is so much work to do. And, there is no competition, we are all working on improving ourselves and helping people in our own little way. And each contribution counts. Everybody will get results of their efforts. It is great that so many people are inclined towards spirituality. And, we attract people who are our vibrational match. So yaa, it all good.

Pearl: No, Meditation has not made me all joyful and flawless. I still have my joy and sorrow. I still at times make mistakes. But I don't blame others for my experience anymore and accept setbacks more easily. And, a sense of hurt and loss last for considerably less time. -Pearl

All thoughts & beliefs expressed on my websites are based on my perspective and my own understanding of the knowledge.

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