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Being a Chartered Accountant having worked with top MNCs, I believe soft skill training is a vital part of organisational growth. Both on-site and off-site training is being offered. Our team will reach out to you in order to provide quality training to your employees. Personnel training, acquiring new skills and sharpening the existing ones aid the employees to expand their knowledge base and increase their productivity. Training makes people more confident and improves their performance many times over. This will result in the long run, by turning them into better leaders and hence valuable asset for your organisation.

Following is the example list of areas my team can help you in. If you have a different requirement you don’t see in this list, please reach out. My team will help you and if we can’t help you we’ll refer you to someone who can.

Areas my team can support you or your team:

  • Change management
  • People (conflict) management
  • Interviewing skill
  • Communication skill
  • Negotiation skill
  • Presentation skill
  • Managing Appraisal
  • Organisation Core Values
  • Email Etiquettes

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