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By reading Nileema's website, watching her videos on YouTube and elsewhere, listening her, reading her emails, reading her posts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and elsewhere, reading her comments, reading her books, participating in her Coaching and / or healing and / or meditation Session(s), Workshops, Webinars, Seminars, or other Event(s) conducted by her, or engaging with Nileema by any other means, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended and fully agreed with the following disclaimer, as spoken or stated by Nileema in first person:

1) My website, videos on YouTube and elsewhere, emails, posts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and elsewhere, comments, books, audio, Coaching Session(s), Webinars, Seminars, or other Event(s) conducted by me may also be referred to as "Teachings" , “activities”, “sessions”, “workshop” or "Programme(s)" henceforth in the Disclaimer, and anywhere else in my posts.

2) Contents of the disclaimer are updated, revised, modified, and improved from time to time. You are expected to read this section thoroughly before you register to or participate in (whichever is earlier) any of my Teachings, sessions etc.

3) If you do not agree with any of the contents mentioned in the disclaimer, please do NOT join any of my Programmes / Activities, and refrain from subscribing to any of my work. However, your disagreement to any of the contents of this disclaimer AFTER registering to my Programmes / Activities will NOT be entertained.

4) While most people benefit from what I share, I do have few detractors as well, and that is understandable. My advice to my detractors is to not waste their time and energy, because I am really not interested in arguments of any nature. Simply unfollow, unfriend, block my page and be happy in your life.

5) If you disagree or feel uncomfortable with something that is being shared by me, my recommendation to you is to Unfollow / Unlike / unfriend the source and follow your own Life / Spiritual Journey, instead of finding faults or flaws in my posts. Just ignore, don't hate.

- Nasty / Negative / Opposing (as interpreted by me) comments by anyone on my Profile / Page(s) / Website will not be tolerated. They will be treated, marked, and reported as Spam, and will be ruthlessly ignored and removed. While I understand that you have an opinion, I don't think it's wise or fair that you "pull" my posts towards you and then criticize them on my face, when there is an easier way to ignore them and keep focused on your own journey.

I mercilessly report person making ‘Nasty / Negative / Opposing (as interpreted by me) comments’ to Facebook (or other respective social media) under the category of offensive. If it repeats, I use the category Cyber Bullying / Harassment. I usually don't like to "keep" offensive comments lingering on my posts.

6) Joining my workshops / sessions / classes is your own decision and before joining you must know results will depend on your level of participation, attentiveness and hard work. Results may vary from person to person. Your decision to engage with me, my teachings, my sessions and any of my work is purely your own.

7) I can remove, block, unfriend from my page, activity or any workshop anybody I find inappropriate according to my perspective. I can cancel your participation and registration at any time If I feel my instructions are not being followed, obeyed or performed with right understanding as per my perspective.

8) My teachings are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment or professional legal advice. If you have legal, medical or psychological concerns, please seek out a licensed professional or expert in the desired area.

9) I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical disorders or conditions, but rather just help people to investigate their own Thoughts and Feelings by providing spiritual instruction, advice, support, encouragement, and information.

10) I am neither qualified and nor able to provide any kind of medical or medication-related guidance or advice. Any kind of physical, or medical (or any other related) conditions must be treated by you at your own end by consultation with experts in those areas.

11) The word "counseling" (alternatively spelled as "counselling") - used in my Teachings - is not used as a medical term, but simply describes an in-depth, honest, exploratory, and confidential spiritual conversation.

12) Many of my learners get significant emotional relief after going through my Teachings. Even though it is the experience of many learners, any existing or newly generated physical, or medical (or any other related) conditions must be taken care of you at your own end by consultation with experts in those areas.

13) Over a period of time, I have realized that all religions are beautiful and equal. Therefore, I do not like to categorize myself into any one religion (unless it is on official documents). I am a purely spiritual being, and I believe in all religions and respect them equally. (My website or its corresponding Facebook page, Instagram page and other pages on respective social media does not represent or promote any spiritual organization.)

14) I do NOT request people asking them to get counselled, coached, or be taught by me. I try to guide only those who are interested and approach me for guidance. I don’t believe I am here to change the world. As I started gaining spiritual knowledge, I loved to share my perspectives with people interested in it. As I shared my understanding, I started receiving many questions from various people around the world about various areas of life, and so I try to answer their queries from my point of view and my level of understanding. As I shared my perspectives, many people said that they are benefited from the answers. From the responses I hear, I am happy to know that people are benefiting from all that I offer. I am doing this work for fun and entertainment purpose. I don't belong to any spiritual organization or cult.

15) My material, Workshops, sessions, Activities, Interactions, Writings, and Posts may challenge your old beliefs, thinking patterns, and to correct them wherever require. This can, sometimes, get emotionally challenging, painful, or / and uncomfortable. If you think you are weak and you cannot handle your own deeply hidden negativity, you should NOT participate in any of my workshop / session. Participating is completely your decision and results are your responsibility.

16) My motive is not to promote or denigrate any spiritual and / or religious organization, sector, or group. Any statement(s) appearing opposite or similar to the teachings of any spiritual organization in the world are purely coincidental, and such statements come with the sole intention of promoting the right spiritual knowledge only.

17) I can choose not to provide my guidance / responses to certain people as per my decision without justification.
Example: (as per my perspective)
- People who come with dirty and time-passing intentions,
- People who argue (rather than interact),
- People who ask questions that I may find irrelevant.

18) If you think you don’t like my post, please unfollow / unfriend / block me.

19) Technical issues faced by you during registrations or during the Activities are out of my control (e.g. you being unable to make the registration or pay fees through the available options or failed payments due to issues at the payment gateway's end, or your inaccessibility to the Activity for any reason, etc.) should be handled by you at your own end.

20) Some rules, decisions, assumptions, preferences, etc. that are made by me during the Activity may not necessarily appear on this page. Some basic Rules mentioned on this page are subject to change at any time, as per the Activity's requirements. I can make or change rules if I think it is better for the activity and the group involved. In such a case, my decision(s) will be final. No arguments will be entertained around that.

21) Fees paid once are always non-refundable, non-adjustable to other activities. My decision regarding fees will be final.

22) You are NOT allowed to share / forward ANY text / activity / audio /video/ image / message ( / or anything else) from my Activity(ies) (i.e. all that you receive as part of my Activity(ies)) with anybody in any form, ever.

23) You are expected to understand that information that is transmitted electronically (i.e. Email, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.) contains the risk of a security breach and losing confidentiality, and that is beyond my control.

24) Any feedback provided by you on my website / social media/WhatsApp/email etc is your way of allowing me to duplicate it any number of times anywhere else on / off the Internet.

25) The information contained within www.nileemajhunjhunwala.com web site is not a substitute for professional advice such as a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, or counsellor. The information provided by www.nileemajhunjhunwala.com does not constitute legal or professional advice nor is it intended to be. Diagnosing psychological or medical conditions is for trained medical professionals (Physicians and Therapists), not for a Life Coach.

26) Business Coaching is not a substitute for engaging the services of a CA or CPA or Lawyer.

27) Any decisions you make, and the consequences thereof are your own. Under no circumstances can you hold www.nileemajhunjhunwala.com liable for any action(s) that you take. You agree not to hold www.nileemajhunjhunwala.com or any employees of www.nileemajhunjhunwala.com liable for any loss or cost incurred by you, or any person related or associated with you, as a result of materials or techniques, or coaching, offered by www.nileemajhunjhunwala.com.

28) Results are not guaranteed. And, results vary from person to person.

29) www.nileemajhunjhunwala.com holds no responsibility for the actions, choices, or decisions taken or made by the client. The owner of and contributors to www.nileemajhunjhunwala.com accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any harm - real or imagined - from the use or dissemination of information contained here.

30) PRANIC HEALING is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but rather to complement it.
PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not physically touch the client’s body. They cleanse and balance the energy to enable the body to naturally heal itself.
PRANIC HEALING respects all religions and philosophies.
PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not prescribe any medications and/or medical treatments nor interfere with prescribed medications and/or medical treatments.
PRANIC HEALING practitioners are not medical doctors, but medical doctors can be Pranic Healers.
PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not diagnose diseases, make any health claims, or guarantee any outcomes. - MCKS 2006

31) PRANIC HEALING® practitioners are not licensed physicians or surgeons -- unless they have already learned PRANIC HEALING® after receiving an MD degree.

32) PRANIC HEALING® treatments are not licensed by any state. They are complementary to any state-licensed healing practices or services.

33) PRANIC HEALING® is a highly developed system of energy-based healing techniques that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy system by cleansing, energizing and balancing the body's bio-electromagnetic field, or aura.

34) PRANIC HEALING® practitioners do not physically touch the client's body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or make any health claims or guarantee any outcomes.

35) PRANIC HEALING® is not intended to replace orthodox medicine but is meant as a complementary therapy. If symptoms persist or an ailment is severe, patients are expected to consult a medical doctor.

36) If these terms are not agreeable, do not engage the services. By engaging the services of www.nileemajhunjhunwala.com you have agreed to all terms and conditions. Anybody found violating any of these rules will be removed without any notice, banned, or suspended from all my ongoing / upcoming Programme(s). Fees paid, if any, will be forfeited.

(I can change, update the rules, and make new rules as per my discretion. Please keep looking for latest update.)

All thoughts & beliefs expressed on my websites are based on my perspective and my own understanding of the knowledge.

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